Innovative Higher Education Project at Inscape Education Group Promotes Multidisciplinary Collaboration for Social Impact

Published: 2 April, 2024

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Innovative Higher Education Project at Inscape Education Group Promotes Multidisciplinary Collaboration for Social Impact

Inscape Education Group is thrilled to announce Project 81 – a multidisciplinary collaborative design project. This groundbreaking initiative is aimed at fostering collaboration among first and second-year students across various design programmes including fashion, interior design, ideation, graphic design, and digital marketing to tackle real-world challenges and make a positive impact in the communities. 

Inspired by Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities, the project is inspired by and run in partnership with the NowNow competition, who created the contextual competition briefing. The focus of the Project is addressing the needs of the Khayelitsha community in Cape Town, students are tasked with conceptualising and designing for the Community Centre – the ‘Khayel Dream Centre’ – that serves as an employment hub and showcase of local skills, talent, crafts, and merchandise. 


Key Components of Project 81 

  • Collaborative Teams: Small groups of students (3-5 students), comprising individuals from different design disciplines, work together to develop innovative solutions for the Khayel Dream Centre. 
  • Integration of Design Disciplines: Each design team leverages the unique strengths and perspectives of its members in order to choose their strategy. From ideating value propositions and creating interiors spaces to designing sustainable fashion and accessories and crafting compelling branding and marketing strategies, students are tasked with crafting holistic solutions that resonate with the local community's needs and aspirations.  
  • Real-world Application: Students are challenged to apply their design skills to address real-life challenges faced by the Khayelitsha community, emphasising the importance of social responsibility and community engagement. 
  • Hands-on Learning: Through a combination of hybrid guest speakers, on-campus workshops, and collaborative activities, students gain practical experience and develop essential teamwork and problem-solving skills. 


Esther Martins, Dean of the Built Environment at Inscape Education Group, comments, " Project 81  exemplifies Inscape’s commitment to providing students with meaningful learning experiences that prepare them for success in the professional world. By fostering collaboration across design disciplines and engaging with real-world challenges, students not only enhance their design skills but also make a tangible impact in communities." 

Peter Harrison, Postgraduate Academic Manager at Inscape commented, ‘I’m excited at the prospect of our first and second years being exposed to the idea that carefully considered and therefore appropriate design interventions, can positively drive much needed social change.’ 

With a focus on sustainability, social impact, and multidisciplinary collaboration,  Project 81  represents a forward-thinking approach to design education, empowering students to become changemakers in their communities. 


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