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Are you seriously interested in pursuing a career in user experience (UX) design? Then you should come through and meet UX. This workshop aims to demystify UX design and provide answers to the most relevant questions about UX today.

  • What is it?
  • Who is it for?
  • How does it work?
  • Is it for me?

Hopefully, you’ve already answered the last one but if not, come through and meet UX. There are limited spaces…only 36, so submit your entry quickly and possibly secure your invite.

Psst…we’ll be giving away prizes all day. 

Learn about journey mapstask flowswireframing and more as you compete in teams* to design solutions (that could find the way to production) for the client. It’s all paper-based, with no need for laptops or software, just good ol’ fashion problem solving. Impress on the day and you might meet your new employer or first client.

* Teams are randomly assigned.

This workshop is entirely paper-based and focuses on the basics of User Experience Design. 

Your main goal for the day will be to design an app for a fictionaI restaurant called Foodie Delight.  This app will allow users to browse the restaurant's menu, place orders, and provide feedback. 

  • Explore how this app could work on a mobile device
  • Ideate 2 main features that directly relate to your user's pain points and will help solve some of their frustrations
  • The finished product should display a full user journey where a customer completes their goal


The main deliverables:

  • Market Research - Explore existing platforms with similar features for inspiration. 
  • How Might We - Ideate on possible solutions by using "How Might We".
  • Journey Mapping - Outline the customer's journey from discovery of the product all the way through to reaching their goal.
  • Crazy Eights Sketching - Plan and Ideate on your solution by participating in rapid sketching. 
  • Final Solution Sketch - Decide on one fi na I solution and create your final sketch. 
  • Product Walkthrough - Present your fi na I product and walkthrough how a customer would interact with the interface. 


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