10 top reasons why you should study at Inscape

Published: 25 January, 2019

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10 top reasons why you should study at Inscape

Back in the day, I wanted to study Interior Design at Inscape, but I ended up studying Marketing instead. Obviously back then I had no idea that I’d end up working for Inscape some 10 years later! From what I have seen and learnt working at the Inscape Cape Town Campus for the past 2 years, these would be my top reasons to study at Inscape and key pointers I’d use when recommending Inscape.  


1)Pioneers in Design Education

Inscape was the first institution in South Africa to offer the Bachelor of Design (B.Des) degree. The Bachelor of Design degree is a well-known degree internationally and is offered at universities such as The University of Melbourne in Australia. Staying up to date with global trends and pushing the boundaries of design education is a constant driver at Inscape. We’re currently the only institution in South Africa to offer Ideation Design and our graduates from this programme tend to get snapped up very quickly!


2) INscape has been INspiring for more than 3 and a half decades

Established in 1981, Inscape has grown significantly over the years to include 4 campuses in South Africa, online learning (distance) campus and an international campus in Dubai. We will continue to grow and adapt to an ever-changing landscape and yet we can always look back and draw from our experience and wealth of knowledge that’s been gathered over the course of 37 years.    


3)Find what suits your needs

Nowadays it is not always that easy to take 3 years to study a degree full-time, no matter what age you are. There are so many different factors in our lives these days that we need to consider such as time, finances, working while studying and transport. At Inscape we offer a variety of options to choose from in terms of timeframe and length of studies as well as location. Whether you choose one of our 8-week Short Courses, a 1-year Higher Certificate, a 3-year Diploma or a Bachelor of Design Degree, you are sure to find exactly what suits your specific needs.


4)Choose from 4 Faculties and a variety of design disciplines

With our Bachelor of Design Degree, we have expanded our offering in recent years to include the following specializations: Interior Design, Environmental Design, Graphic Design, Audio Visual Design, Interaction Design, Ideation Design, Marketing & Communication Design, Fashion Design and Jewellery Design. And that’s just for our B.Des degree! Spoilt for choice?   


5)Top-notch facilities

At Inscape we are always upgrading our facilities to suit the needs of our classes. Whether it’s changing a room to include a green screen and getting a fabulous new camera for our first Audio Visual class, or redecorating our campus with our vibrant new branding, we’re always at work on our facilities.     


6)Our Alumni

We’re constantly working at maintaining good relationships with our Alumni and we love to brag about the amazing things that they are doing around the globe! We recently watched 2 of our Cape Town Alumni on the Win a Home Design Challenge on TV. They were team Contrast Control and it was great to see how they pushed the boundaries of Interior Design with their ‘out of the box’ ideas! With Inscape Alumni working all around the world including Singapore, the UK, Dubai/UAE and Namibia to name a fewwe are confident that what we offer can really take you places!


7)Partnering with the Design Industry

An important part of my job as a Campus Marketing Coordinator at Inscape is inviting dynamic and influential Guest Speakers to speak to our students at our campus. We often find that these speakers will also be happy to take our students for their In-service training or work with us on other projects. Then there is our annual Graduate Exhibition where our current graduates have an opportunity to display their final portfolios at an event where we invite key people from the industry to join us and view our graduate’s work. This is a great opportunity for networking.


8)Be a part of the bigger picture

Our CEO Helen Buhrs, and therefore Inscape as a whole, is very focused on creating opportunities for people through Inscape’s Scholarship Programme and promoting young designers who are still at school through the Young Designers Award. Partnering with projects like Thru the Chair, enable us to assist in raising funds to impact education in South Africa. At our campus we like to take part in local initiatives such as The Santa Shoebox Project and our SRC Charity committee is always finding a way to partner in uplifting the community.


9)Funday Fridays

Whether its funky sock day or dressing up for a cause, we’re always making time to have a bit of fun at our campuses. ‘Work hard, play hard’ is how we like to do things and that’s also why you’ll find foosball tables, table tennis and other such distractions at our campuses. 


10)Develop your unique identity

It’s all IN our name! The word Inscape as coined by Hopkins, the poet, in the 18th century means: The unique inner nature of a person or object as shown in a work of art, especially a poem. INscape is the distinctive design that makes up one’s individual identity. At Inscape, we hope to nurture the INscape in our people!

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