The Enrolment Process

Enrolment Steps

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Select preferred campus option

The initial part of the application is where you provide your basic information. You need a valid email address, which will also be used as your login name to allow you to return to the application site should you not complete the application in one sitting. There is a OTP (One Time Password) which we use to validate your email address. It uses your email address and sends an email with the OTP. After the OTP, additional information will be required.

Now you are ready to select the course that you would like to enrol for.

We are very keen to make sure that there is a good match between what you are looking for and what we plan to deliver. The letter helps us to understand where you are coming from and what your aspirations are going forward.

This is when you load the identification and prior qualification documents.

All applicants applying for accredited and registered qualifications are required to be pre-verified by our Registrar. The pre-verification fee can be paid either by credit card and direct EFT.

This process ensures that:
- Your documents are legitimate.
- Your inputted data is the same as that in your uploaded documents.
- You meet the minimum requirements for the qualification you have selected.
- You are eligible to study at Inscape in your chosen region. Once you have been successfully pre-verified by the registrar you will be approved to continue with the application process.

The following terms and conditions apply:
If you are accepted and enrol with the institution, the Pre-Verification Fee is credited to your account and is therefore deducted from the TOTAL ANNUAL FEE.
If you are accepted at the institution and do NOT enrol with the institution, the Pre-Verification Fee is forfeited and will NOT be refunded.
If you are NOT accepted by the institution, the Pre-Verification Fee is refunded in full. A refund application form must be completed

You will now be able to indicate a preferred day of the week and time for the interview.

Please note that Higher Certificate students are not required to attend an interview

The interview is an important step in providing information and aligning expectations and can be conducted at one of Inscape’s campuses or via Skype. The supporting documents and the Pre-Verification Fee need to be in place before the interview can take place. On successful completion of the interview, you will be provisionally accepted. We will notify you of the outcome and inform you to complete the final steps (you are almost finished).

Please note that Higher Certificate students are not required to attend an interview

Select tuition payment option.

Select device option (BYOD/Windows/Mac Pro/Air).

If not yourself we require the payer’s ID and proof of residence.

Payment summary is now provided so that you can see your payment selections.

Confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions. Once all the above steps are successfully completed a Contract of Enrolment will be issued to you and the Enrolment/Total Fee becomes due and payable.

Pay fee as per your Contract of Enrolment.