Design Indaba Emerging Creatives 2020

Published: 24 September, 2020

Categories: General

Design Indaba Emerging Creatives 2020

Kehumile Mate (Bachelor of Design specialising in Inteiror Design graduate) is a qualified interior and furniture designer, a fine artist and self-taught photographer, who was raised in Mabopane, a township in Pretoria. He is  the founder of a Johannesburg-based bespoke interior and furniture design company, 'Mitsotso'.

Jessica Le Roux is a (Bachelor of Design specialising in Ideation Design graduate) designer from Cape Town. In her work she uses masking tape to create beautiful garments. She chose to embrace this material and made a whole range of objects ranging from necklaces to coffee tables as well as creating sculptures out of the material.

Ghilian Chevelu (Bachelor of Design specialising in Graphic Design) a Cape Town-based designer who loves working with old objects that no longer serve a purpose, and re-imagining them into contemporary pieces of art. His clothing brand Illucid was created to allow people to embrace their self-expression, whatever form that may take. Ghilian has recently opened a store in Cape Town.