Megan Dye | Argo Industry Brief Challenge

Published: 24 September, 2018

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Megan Dye | Argo Industry Brief Challenge

Year 03 Graphic Design Students impress Argo a Financial Industry partner with winning website designs.


Megan Dye and Rico Niezen

Congratulations to Megan Dye for winning the Argo Industry Brief Challenge.

Students were required to design a website that was fresh, crisp and enticing but maintained a corporate financial look and feel. The website needed to include a login profile, link to policies, financial tools, profile page of all employees of Argo and a link to associates.

The projects were moderated by a panel of Argo Directors and Inscape National Academic Team. The decision was a tough one as the top ten finalists from all campuses produced work that showed well-refined design application and skill. Argo had the following to say about the top two selected designs:

“Megan had a lot of very good points that we felt had us as a brand very well summed up. Her Tool buttons, team feel and colour usage were really great. We also felt that it had a nice modern feel to the entire page and if we had to plug and play as is, she would have been the closest to the overall picture.

Megan will now work alongside Argo in combining their designs to make a fantastic final live website – showing collaborative design is key.

Well done and a big high five to the rest of the 3rd years who also did really well too!

Megan's work