Inscape Pretoria Renovations Story: Going Green One Campus at a Time.

Published: 10 May, 2022

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Inscape Pretoria Renovations Story: Going Green One Campus at a Time.

South Africa is hard at work, taking notable strides towards the achievement of key sustainable development goals, “The NDP (National Development Plan) is closely aligned to the 2030 Agenda. The NDP prioritises the elimination of poverty, reduction of inequality and growing an inclusive economy by 2030 (UN Member States).” However, the impact of a globalised world requires additional work in these areas. Sustainable development encourages conservation and the enhancement of resources through a gradual change in the practices and processes that govern the construction of our society, the equitable and sustainable use of our environments, access and opportunities to participate in the economy as well as the use and production of technology. 

In 2021, Inscape became Africa’s second and South Africa’s first higher education institution to be profiled by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Due in part to the institution's curriculum, which promotes the design, use and management of sustainable materials and practices. 

It's one thing to teach it but another to live it. To that end, Inscape has embarked on a journey to convert its campuses into green star rated environments by 2025. “The Green Star rating is an internationally recognised and trusted mark of quality for the design, construction, and operation of buildings, interior fitouts, and precincts,” and is administered by the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA).  

The GBCSA works in collaboration with emerging Green Building Councils throughout Africa and allows the adaption of the Green Star tools for certification in the respective countries. The Green Star tools are created for each building type and support design professionals and developers in creating a better-built environment for people and the planet. 

The Inscape Stellenbosch campus has achieved a 5 Green Star Rating and the construction work has commenced at the Pretoria Campus, aiming to achieve a 3 or 4-star rating.  

Improvements to the building will include the following:  

  1. Solar energy consumption with technology-driven building management systems to manage the efficiency of the HVAC (air-conditioning). 
  2. Green spaces, improved ergonomics, and human movement.  
  3. Responsible construction waste management.  
  4. Bicycle racks, improved relaxation, and study areas.  
  5. An auditorium, function venue and more. 


The construction work that is expected to cause the most distractions is only taking place during the Inscape holidays, the building team is taking every precaution to ensure safety on-site during operations. An adjusted timetable has been arranged for the students to ensure continuity of academics and to limit the disruption to the students on campus. 

“Success is a journey and not a destination. Our campus' overall appearance is on a constant journey and the current renovations are only the beginning of the new look and feel of the future”, John Booyens, Pretoria Campus Director. 

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