Settling in at Inscape

Published: 11 January, 2019

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Settling in at Inscape

Walking through the gates of Inscape, one is met with the air that is filled with excitement as bright-eyed individuals all look forward to what the next 3 years will be like. A new environment with endless possibilities.

So, what does it take to be a Tribester?

1. You must know that Inscape isn’t just your average college. Inscape strives to make you the best you, and help you become the creator of your own success. To be a Tribester you must know your own individuality, and even if one still has no idea (because let’s face it, we don’t really have a clue at age 18/19), Inscape is there to guide and push you towards that. This is a journey filled with sleepless nights, mini-breakdowns and the struggles of waking up for those early lectures. It is an obstacle course where one learns to overcome their weaknesses, jump over the hurdles of the ego and fight through mental blocks to complete projects and assignment. That is when you will know that being a Tribester is being more than a student, you are now a warrior set on a journey to become a designer.

2. When the 2nd year comes around you realise it does not become any easier. Your social life becomes less important as you dive deeper into your chosen field of study. You learn new skills specific to your industry and suddenly the picture begins to form, and the excitement grows. You can see yourself becoming. Of course, being a member of the tribe means you are a part of something bigger than yourself. You will feel the need to help those 1st years through their mini struggles and mental blocks that you are so familiar with.

3. Going into the 3rd year, you are now part of the Tribe leaders and setting the standards for the newcomers. It is the final hurdle, an exciting time even though faced with the daunting task of putting together your final project for the year. The lecturers are tougher on you and you realise that you are even tougher on yourself, pushing to produce your best work yet. At this point, sleep is a myth but you soldier on because Tribesters never give up! Visions of yourself in that cap and gown keep you going and at the end, it is all worth it.