The design of tomorrow (next generation products/inventions)

Published: 29 November, 2018

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The design of tomorrow (next generation products/inventions)

We live in a world where technology is constantly changing and evolving. If we think back a few years, the world was a lot different until the first launch of the cell phone. Today technology has evolved so much and is such a big part of our lives, but what does it mean for us as designers?


Thanks to the ever-changing world of technology, designers are now able to design amazing products and invent products that have never been seen before. 3D printing and new sustainable materials make it possible to do the impossible. We are no longer stuck with old production methods and have the freedom to design truly bespoke products that caters to an individual’s needs, for example spoons that can stabilize and bend for people with disabilities like the Liftware spoon. Another example is the Adidas Futurecraft 4D shoe that is 3D printed for mass production. Thanks to the technology used the shoe can now be shaped according to your feet.



We also get products that push design and production capabilities like the first ever completely 3D printed motorbike. Even though this bike is not for mass production it shows us what is possible for the future of production, design and invention. And the future is defiantly looking good with its truly unique and different design possibilities.