INscape Young Designers Award

Published: 22 June, 2018

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INscape Young Designers Award

Are you an insanely imaginative, infectiously awesome and intentionally expressive unique thinker? Then this competition is tailored for you.  

The Winners Prize? 

So let the creative juices flow, unleash your talent and stand a chance to win the amazing bundle of prizes, including a cash prize of R50 000, where R25K you can keep for yourself and R25K for your school. Along with an online offsite course for you and five of your friends and teacher. Get choosing which friends you will be sharing this amazing course prize with.  

Who can enter? 

This award is open to students from grade 8-12. 

Register and enter the competition: 

What do you need to do? You can complete the competition in 4 easy steps! 

Step 1: Pick a word from the list below: 

INspire, INdulge, INfluence, INventive, INventive, INvoke, INdividual, INtense, INvolved, INstant, INtelligent, INtent, INfuse, INclusive, INterest, INform, INcentive, INternational, INvest. 

Step 2: Pick a design discipline: 

Interior Design, Graphic Design, Tattoo Design, Architectural Design, Fashion Design, Artistic Design, Interaction Design, Audio-Visual Design, Communication Design, Culinary Design, Jewellery Design, Set Design, Exhibition Design, Systems Design... any design.  

Step 3: Pick an Application 

Stamp, poster, video, app, game, jingle, video, structure, website, cake, chair, blanket, car, light, hairstyle, sculpture, garment, carpet, accessory, shoe, cartoon, bus, toy, bicycle, gadget, utensil. 

Step 4: Upload it  

Once you have created a design solution based on your choices, then register through our online learning platform called OffSite, where you can upload your design right here: 


Entries open 1st April and Close 31st July 2018 at midnight. Winner will be announced at the Inscape August open days, which are on the 17 & 18th August 2018.  

Hurry and register now with Inscape offsite and remember to be INnovative, be INsightful and be INstinctive.