10 Design Careers – and more.

Published: 9 November, 2018

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10 Design Careers – and more.

Studies in Graphics and Art Influences are the springboard to the creatively inspired student to a number of different career options. All of them require imagination, passion and dedication; the ability to research, be disciplined in visual, verbal and written communication and to collaborate with clients.  Social and cultural awareness is a prerequisite. Analytical and problem-solving skills are important and being able to work from concept to completion. The professional should be proficient in sound business practice, marketing, project planning, team and time management. The field is challenging and competitive, the designer needs to be conversant with the current cutting-edge trends and rapidly changing practices and, better still, be ahead of them. You will work in many mediums using a variety of techniques and material, and should be able to take risks and bend the rules when called for.

Fashion. The industry is dynamic and exciting, fiercely competitive and stressful.  This is a high powered, high profile profession, constantly creating new styles from season to season, two years ahead of the actual runway showing. A sound knowledge of the production process from patternmaking to final fitting is required.

Publishing. Advertisements, posters and books and magazines.  Illustrators and Layout specialists need to engage readers. Newspapers, information technology, technical diagrams, medical illustration, drawings of architects and engineers in CAD or by hand, brochures and directories all require expertise in graphics.

Brand design is always in competition with so many products. Packaging and Corporate Identity are aspects of branding.

Webmaster and Software development, Game generation – creating challenging puzzles, word and educational games are further fields.  Animation combines art and digital technology.  Film, Television and Theatre are other avenues which require imaginative and narrative skills, particularly in costume and scene design.

Industrial Designers create new products from home appliances to toys and cars – anything that can be manufactured. The function, the aesthetics and the use of the item are important.

Interior Design.  Innovative designs allow people to live and work comfortably, efficiently and securely. Need architectural draughting skills, knowledge of building technology and services as they plan space allocation, traffic flow as well as furniture, fittings and artwork. Work with architects/engineers to modify a building.  Interior Decorators furnish existing spaces.  Architects focus on the design of a building, a demanding and complex endeavour concerned with functionality, structure, health, welfare and safety as well as legal compliance. An Architectural Draughtsman put the architects' ideas into drawings.

Street Art and Murals transform the ambience of an area in a town or city.

An internship is invaluable to build experience and to create opportunities for the future. A portfolio of excellent work is vital for the initial interview.