Insights into Ideation Design

Published: 10 August, 2017

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Insights into Ideation Design

Having recently released an article celebrating the unleashing of our first cohort of Ideation students, I have been inundated with queries regarding this qualification and career.

So, let me give you some insight into this very exciting career of the now and future and share some of our third-year students’ experiences from the classroom and work place:

Ideation is the role of an idea generator. This involves design research, understanding processes and systems, thinking about design and designing thinking. It requires empathy and understanding of people and their needs. It is the ability to identify problems or challenges and implement a solution to effect change or improvement. It is about analysis. It is to visually map and communicate findings and suitable solutions. ‟It is to produce solutions in various formats by collaborating with experts in other sectors to produce a final product, system or campaign” – Helen Bührs

‘Being one of the 1st Ideation students has not been entirely easy, as there’s so much that one could be a part of. Working at Standard Bank has been quite challenging as it is a very big company which deals with a long list of operations, however there is so much room for learning about all the different businesses out there. This experience so far has taught me that curiosity and the need to learn more is very important for the future of this industry.’ Teboho Ramakau

‘I experienced the working world at two very different companies – Standard Bank and the Research Institute of Innovation and Sustainability. I was given the opportunity to take part in many versatile projects, hackathons, workshops and interviews; and despite the differences, they all aimed to add value to people’s lives. It was so awesome to see how exciting, impactful and versatile innovation is in two completely different industries, and the interest and benefits around it. I was exposed to effective teams of people which helped me see the value of creativity and collaboration in business. The training also opened my eyes to what is expected of me in the working world, how different it is to be studying, and how I am able to be of value in the work place.

“Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it.” Ideation has given me the skill to turn every problem or gap into an opportunity; which is vital for every businesses survival in today’s competitive industry. Experiential training has made me more excited to enter the industry, and be a pioneer for future ideators, innovators and creative problem solvers.’ Alana Kruger

‘As a creative person, I wish to see everything in a creative way and I love solving problems. In my experiential training, the culture of the business was a relaxed vibe. As an Ideation Student, it was a basis for me to learn how the design world works out there and what I will be doing on a day to day basis. I do wish that I get to change people’s lives with what I learned and make a difference in the world. I feel ready to take on this new chapter of my life and join the world of creativeness.’ Inge Joanie Esbach

‘Being introduced to the work force was both a daunting and an exciting thought. The work place called, Origin Interactive, proved to be the ideal platform to experiment, express opinions and think outside the box. This was easy to do since the Ideation course at Inscape prepared me for this. “Origin” is also a business that specialises in UXD (user experience design.

Everyone at the business is passionate about design whilst keeping all clients happy. Being able to work in a space filled with positivity and excitement makes the whole experience worthwhile. I surprised myself by being able to motivate, pose relevant questions and improve on suggestions. The best thing “Origin” taught me was that there are certain steps one has to take (they turned out to be things I have also learned through Ideation), before an end result could be reached. I ended up creating a Mobile App for them, thus challenging my technical abilities.

I can say, without a doubt, that Ideation and User Experience Design will become the next big thing. It has too many benefits not to. The experience has turned out to be a stepping stone toward the future and has allowed me to truly use the skills I have acquired.’ Alisha Els

‘I want to be a designer because I am a creative being by nature, I enjoy solving problems from something simple as completing a puzzle to finding out why there is such an enormous difference in the ratio of rich people to poor.

Simply put my passion lies in the arts, design (industrial, graphic, interior, fashion) and architecture. There is no limit to my appreciation for the design industry and by being human and empathetic enough in wanting to add value to the lives of all who I come across directly or indirectly just because I have existed. I am crazy enough to think that I can change the world and courageous enough to try. This is the main reason I am an ideation student.

I was fortunate enough to be hosted by two organisations; one a South African Bank, ahead in Innovation and the other a user experience and interactive design company that specialises in unforgettable digital experiences for all. A contributing factor to the team dynamic was strong communication.
Personal flexibility, allowed staff to work in accordance with their body clock and schedules. I will run my practice in a similar fashion in the future.

My vision is to establish a design hub, inspired by the Bauhaus, that mentors and motivates young women and showcases how design can be used to help communities advance, while sustaining themselves and the environment.’ Reshoketswe Motau

To find out more about a career in Ideation, visit one of our campuses or access us through our website http://inscape.ac.za/


Helen Bührs is the Managing Director and shareholder of the Inscape Education Group and founder of Four44 Creative ecosystems