Inscape Partners with Standard Bank in new Youth Card design

Published: 12 December, 2016

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Inscape Partners with Standard Bank in new Youth Card design

 Johannesburg, 1 December 2016 – It’s not often that students think about banks or bank accounts. When life is about learning and preparing for an exciting future, banks aren’t that relevant. All of that is about to change, with the unveiling of Standard Bank’s new-look Student-Achiever Card.

The reveal of the new, unique Student-Achiever card is confirmation that the traditional approach to delivering banking solutions has been turned on its head, says Motlatsi Mkalala, Senior Manager for Youth Customer Financial Solutions at Standard Bank, South Africa. The bank’s newest offering illustrates the change in approach as it is a card created ‘for students by students’-a major departure from the corporate route normally followed in the development of a new brand within the Standard Bank stable.

“The new design for the card unveiled today is the precursor to the launch of our new Student Achiever package.  We believe that the card with its unique design will set the pace for the new solution and attract the attention of the youth market, which for the first time have been consulted on what they would like.”

“The Student-Achiever card is unlike any card previously issued for the youth. It mirrors our belief that customers who have a say in the ‘look and feel’ of a retail solution are more likely to meaningful connections with the bank.  This is more so the case with the youth market that needs solutions that mirrors their aspirations, lifestyle and current youth culture.  For Standard Bank, the objective of achieving this shift is anchored on creating sustainable relationships with the youth.”

To make the Student-Achiever Card appealing to its target market the bank launched a design initiative with the graphic design students of Inscape Education Group at their campuses across the country.

Inscape Education Group is a multi-disciplinary creative institution that considers integrated learning a key principle within their teaching approach and excitedly engaged their students in this challenge and skills enhancing initiative.

Helen Bührs, Managing Director and Principal of Inscape Education Group says “The collaboration between Standard Bank and Inscape Education Group is an attempt to connect the youth to the importance of good financial management, preparing them for an adult world through a visual language that they, the youth will appreciate.

The role of the designer and in this case, the Inscape design student is to interpret the ‘adult’ banking language and to encode it in such a way that a two-way street conversation is achieved and the youth becomes attentive to the brand.

I would like to thank Standard Bank for allowing our students the opportunity to engage in the 48hour brief designing the new youth card for 2017. The trust that Standard Bank has placed in these young and upcoming designers to entice their clients of the future is a testament to their support and confidence of the future leaders and workforce of South Africa”.

To achieve a unique branding for the Student-Achiever card, 54 students were asked to produce five design variations, a single process document  and one theme board displaying all their card designs within 48 hours of being briefed- a situation that the designers could be expected to experience when operating in a typical pressurised business environment.

Short-listed designs that best captured the theme “Making Progress Real” and reflecting the authenticity of South African youth culture were then placed before a judging panel of 18 students for final selection. In accordance with the aims of the Student-Achiever offering, the judges were asked to select a card that could become a companion to young people beginning their life’s journey.

Keeping with the theme that underlines personal development, the winning designer, Kate Gannaway from the Midrand campus of Inscape Education Group, was offered a six-week internship with the Standard Bank design team to set a foundation for her future career.

“The experience within the unit, as well as the acknowledgement for designing a card for a major financial institution, will be very valuable in launching the winning young designer’s career.”

“By creating partnerships with young designers to design the brand collateral and infuse it with an African theme that reflects the beginnings of our culture and looks towards the promise of our future, we believe that Standard Bank has also made the process of developing this banking solution more meaningful for users who will see it as something drawn from their own experiences,” says Motlatsi.

Personal growth and creating opportunities for youth to develop their entrepreneurial talents is central to the Student-Achiever offering.

Our approach to the new Student-Achiever card and its supporting value added services reflects the fact that Standard Bank is embracing changing youth consumer needs and driving innovation.  This means that banking solutions offered by the bank, will be adapted and will keep pace with user requirements.

“We encourage our customers in the youth markets, and across all banking solutions, to let us know what they want in a financial solution. We will then do our best to deliver on these expectations. It is about deepening our relationships with our customers.”

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