Hanging out with Rudolph Jordaan!

Published: 12 December, 2016

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Hanging out with Rudolph Jordaan!

Can we all agree that Inscape’s Alumni and former lecturer, Rudolph Jordaan is the hardest working person ever? Rudolph was recently announced as the winner of Win a Home season 3, he runs his own Interior Design Company and has started working for ARRCC as part of his Win a Home prize winnings. We caught up with Rudolph and he got to tell us about life since winning Win a Home, his passion for design and where he draws inspiration from.

Describe Rudolph in 3 words
Driven, Introspective, Realistic

When did you realise that design was your thing?
It might not actually be my thing but I’m passionate about it – All I recall was my epiphany in matric when I realised I could merge my secretive love for art with functional design aimed at improving lives of the disabled. At that stage I had no art or design background and it was only in my First year at Inscape that I gained enough confidence in my creative abilities.

How has life been like since winning season 3 of Win a Home?
MAAAAAD!!! I’ve had my own company now for 2 years but since the competition ended I was approached by a Hotel Group to do a refurb for 56 rooms for their Franschhoek Hotel for this season and had two celebrity clients amongst my other “normal” projects.I’m completing all of this outside of normal working hours as I started working for ARRCC (One of the Judges and designers of the Polo Village at Val de Vie) as part of my prize winnings.

Who/What did you draw inspiration from when completing your design challenges?
I really had to rely on my interpretation and sensitive skills when it came to the designs. It was a really tough brief because the design parameters was mostly set by our sponsors and their audiences: Caesarstone wanted to see innovation and optimal use of their product (being made in record times with zero room for error). Plascon wanted us to be daring with colour – contradictory to the monochrome schemes reminiscent of ARRCC and the classical estate living of Val de Vie. This then would have to show best value add for sponsors Private Property and Nedbank.Then it was also steered in the direction and style of my magazine mentor and readers of Real Estate Magazine and off course I had to appeal to the viewer votes of Afternoon Express and their social media feedback, so that they can envision living in my apartment.

Which challenge did you feel was your best?
Each and every one- I gave it my all and I am proud of how I managed to get everyone involved get it all done in time and to my standards.

Who would you say was your biggest competitor, Minenhle or Juane? Why?
It was a very close run in viewer choice votes throughout the competition but I knew when the judges would walk into my apartment they would see the finer details of quality workmanship, design considerations and valuable materiality. It was also very clear that my competitors designed for themselves and not a client, something I had a little bit more experience in. Juane had a clean style I admire and Minenhle had a quirky side that would brighten up your day.

One thing you will take from the Win a Home experience?
Your fate is always unknown. You just have to trust and deal with issues one at a time.

You were a lecturer at Inscape? For how long?
3.5 years and I’m very sad to have left my family at Inscape (PTA/JHB/DBN/CPT)

How was it like lecturing at Inscape?
At first daunting as I had older students in my Part Time Architectural draughting evening classes. No day was ever the same. No two designs were ever the same and each new lecturer was crazier than the last. To me lecturing was the perfect way of doing continuous professional development as the content of the courses changed and adapted extremely quickly. My students are now my design champions all over the world.

In terms of style, Drake or Kanye?
Kanye knows how to dress and that is as far as his style stretches.

List 5 tracks that reflect/ have contributed to your life journey
Aladdin – Whole new world
Journey – Don’t stop believing
Imagine Dragons – On top of the world
One Republic- Counting stars
One Republic- I lived

Your plans for the future?
The projects are lined up for 2017 but for now I’m planning a well-deserved (7day) break so that I can list my goals in silence.