Hanging out with Demi & Simone, our 2016 exchange students from Thomas More University!

Published: 28 October, 2016

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Hanging out with Demi & Simone, our 2016 exchange students from Thomas More University!

We got to hang out with Simone Van Rooijen and Demi Soetens, our current Inscape Exchange students from Thomas More University in Belgium. Simone and Demi have been with Inscape since July. They got to tell us on how their stay has been thus far and how they are finding Inscape, see what they had to say,

  1. How has your experience been thus far?

Simone: The experience has been wonderful; I met a lot of new and kind people.I learnt a lot about South Africa and its culture. During the 3rd Term break we went on a road trip and drove past Caledon, Hermanus, George, Wilderness, Plettenberg Bay, The Crags and even made it to Port Elizabeth!  We also visited Annemie van den Bergh in Graaff-Reinet. The activities that we do around Cape Town are also very cool!
Demi: Incredible! I have met a lot of nice people and everyone is helpful.

2. What do you enjoy about Inscape?
Simone: Inscape is a “small” institution and I really like the lectures and classes.The way people take you in is a great feeling, our first day with Ilze (Campus Operations Administrator), Lee (student) and Annalita (Academic Manager) was amazing, they made us feel at home! I also enjoy working on projects as I find them challenging.
Demi:  The environment! Small campus, small groups, everyone knows each other.

3.Your favourite lecture/Module?
Simone: Applied Design, Annalita (Lecturer) makes the module so fun to learn, I like how she interacts with us.
Demi: Applied Design, Imraan (Lecturer) is incredible!

4.Which project have you enjoyed working on? Why?
Simone:  I really enjoyed the Food-Take away project we did in the Applied Design class and the building materials project we did in the Applied Technology class, where we had to transform the building materials into wearable garments.
Demi: I really enjoyed the building materials project we did in the Applied Technology class; it was amazing how we were able to transform the material into wearable garments!

5.What is the strangest/funniest experience you’ve had since you’ve been in South Africa?
Simone: The strangest thing was actually realising how similar Dutch and Afrikaans are!
Demi: Preparing for the Fashion Show, think all the drama that happens backstage at  Fashion Shows.

6.How are you finding Cape Town?
Simone: Cape Town is a great city and I am glad that we made the choice to study at the Cape Town campus. There are a lot of cool things to do here, if I had to sum up my Cape Town experience in one word, I would say AMAZING!!
Demi: Beautiful city, there are lots of adventures that one can do.  I am just waiting for the sun!

7.Favourite South African dish?
Simone: Melktert
Demi: Melktert

8. Have you collected any local souvenir? What is it?
Simone: Yes, on our road trip we drove past a little shop and I bought key rings in the shape of the African continent made of animal skin.
Demi: I bought some leather and will make some nice fashion piece from it.

9.One word to describe your Student Exchange experience?
Simone: It’s incredible! For someone who has never traveled outside of Europe, I must say I am learning a lot.
Demi: Amazing! I am glad I am part of this experience, I will go back home a better person.

10.One thing you will take from this experience?
Simone: I was motivated to do better and I intend on applying that in my everyday life!
Demi: Learning about different cultures, has made me realise that I am a global citizen and that if you put your mind towards something, it is possible!

Simone Van Rooijen


Demi Soetens