The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Marketing and Communication degree prepares students for the communication world in the two broad areas of marketing and communication. The programme is designed to equip students with communication, marketing knowledge and multi-disciplinary knowledge, that is applied using creative design thinking skills and digital technology. There is a strong emphasis in the programme on students using digital technology to apply Marketing and Communication theories and approaches in both local and global contexts.

Graduates are equipped to provide an organisation or small business with a competitive edge to their communications and marketing strategies in an increasingly automated world. As design thinking is increasingly being used in the business world to provide innovative solutions, the BA Digital Marketing and Communication graduates bring with them multiple skills such as creative thinking, facilitation and innovative design processes that are sought after in modern companies and organisations.

The aim of this programme is to work across multiple disciplines to provide students with a variety of knowledge, strategies and problem-solving skills whilst emphasising the use of digital media in the communication process.

Specialisations: Audio-Visual Design, Environmental Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Ideation Design, Interaction Design, Interior Design and Jewellery Design

The Bachelor of Design degree is universal. It applies to various design disciplines, including fashion, interior, graphics, multimedia, jewellery, industrial, environmental, communication and ideation design, design research, thinking and writing. Inscape's approach aligns with industry standards and aims to break down the silo mentality of typical design education.

The first year provides a foundation in design thinking, constructs, visual communication, photography, image-making, fabrication, design history, communication studies, leadership, design praxis and Adobe software. We love that our students learn alongside aspiring designers of other disciplines. This kind of exposure blows a student’s design perspective wide open. During the year, students choose their specialization with confidence. Students enter their senior years equipped with the ability to think critically and apply themselves effectively.

Our success rates are a testament to the fact that our unique approach to teaching design, works. Our Bachelor of Design is aligned to comparable qualifications internationally allowing our students to further their studies abroad.