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Fundamental Course in Digital Marketing

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1 Year Distance Learning


Distance Learning course structure

Modules covered include:

  • An introduction to marketing - Understanding marketing and its role in business.
  • Market segmentation -  Identifying your target market.
  • Search Engine Optimisation - How to get your website at the top of a Google results page.
  • Social media platforms - Understand them, how many they are and how to evaluate them.
  • Mobile photography - Learn how to use your smartphone to generate content.
  • Brand brief - This module should be about developing their own brief to themselves, so if they are going to design and implement the digital marketing interventions for their own side business
  • Media plan - How to identify the right mix of media platforms online for your marketing needs. For their own purposes and to implement
  • Marketing metrics - Measuring the effectiveness of your marketing strategy measuring their own effectiveness of their own interventions
  • Industry exposure – Expose yourself to the digital marketing industry, do research on and meet digital marketing professionals in the industry.
  • Design portfolio of work - Compile a portfolio of all your work completed during the year.

Distance Learning includes

  • Course specific software and/or licences
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Stationery list - Download Fees Booklet

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1 Year Distance Learning

Starting September and November 2021