Course Fees

Our fee break down

The Pre-Verification Fee is payable on application. All applicants applying for accredited and registered qualifications are required to be pre-verified by our Registrar. The fee can be paid by credit card or direct EFT.

This process ensures that:

  • Your documents are legitimate
  • Your inputted data is the same as that in your uploaded documents
  • You meet the minimum requirements for the qualification you have selected
  • You are eligible to study at Inscape in your chosen region
  • Once you have been successfully pre-verified by the registrar, you will be approved to continue with the application process.

The following terms and conditions apply:

  • If you are accepted and enrol with the institution, the Pre-verification fee is credited to your account and is therefore deducted from the TOTAL ANNUAL FEE
  • If you are accepted at the institution and do NOT enrol with the institution, the Pre-verification fee is forfeited and will NOT be refunded
  • If you are NOT accepted by the institution, the Pre-verification fee is refunded in full. A refund application form must be completed

Tuition Fees are typically charged by education institutions and should include; lecturer fees, studio fees (the use of a venue), courseware including briefs or assignments, a student card, parking in some instances, wifi, access to libraries and additional resources.

Inscape tuition fee includes: *learning option dependent

  • Positive teaching and learning experience
  • Continuous based assessment
  • Enabling learning environments
  • Custom designed curriculum and courseware
  • Modern, design-sensitive, well located, easily accessible and secure campus locations
  • Online Learner Management System with live data
  • Industry collaborative engagements
  • Extended campus hours and onsite wifi connectivity
  • Onsite library and resources
  • Industry relevant and suitably qualified faculty members

The Compulsory Study Pack is an Inscape initiative that ensures learning happens from day one. All students have access to quality products that are legally licensed and current. Inscape has established strong relationships with suppliers and can, therefore, negotiate good pricing on behalf of the students. All equipment received remains the property of the student even after they have completed their studies at Inscape. Software licenses are renewed annually for the period of enrolment at the institution. All items included in the pack are required by the programme as part of the learning process.

The packs are reviewed annually to determine a continued relevance of each item. The provision of the Compulsory Study Pack by the institution not only provides convenience to you the student who would need to otherwise source the items independently but more importantly provides you with the ability to be in control of your learning at all times even when you are not on campus.

Compulsory Study Packs include: *Course dependent

  • Textbooks
  • E-books
  • Stationery and Equipment
  • Wacom intuos tablet
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Questia
  • Grammarly
  • Autodesk
  • Workshop fee
  • Hardware support including 3 x support tickets (onsite & helpdesk tickets)
  • Student card