Digital Design & Technology

Digital Design & Technology

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Graphic design is all about visual communication, solidifying an idea so that it is understood with clarity by the audience of the graphic designer or their client. Predominantly working with still images with a strong print media relation, which includes branding, packaging, print layouts in magazines and advert mediums, this course ensures the students are exposed to and incorporate digital media into their thinking and business offering when they leave this field of study. This includes web design, social media integration as well as motion graphics. Graphic designers are critical thinkers, problem solver and most importantly visual communicators.

The graphics programme is much more than software training and technical skills. The degree course enables you to combine research, technique, design thinking and theory in projects that are industry relevant. You learn how to adapt to change in the complex world of design and this sustainable education means that you will have learning skills to use throughout your career.

Inscape Graphic Design graduates have a high employment rate in a very competitive industry. In 2015 and 2016 over 90% of the Inscape Graphic Design graduates were employed within six months of graduating.

Honours degree or Postgraduate Diploma in design, graphic design or a related field.

The degree aligns with some of the demands in other countries such as those listed on the current UK Shortage Occupations List which includes: “Animator in Visual Effects and 2D / 3D Computer Animation for Film, Television or Video Games in the UK, 2D Supervisor, 3D Supervisor, Computer Graphics Supervisor, Producer, Production Manager, Technical Director, Visual Effects Supervisor, Compositing Artist, Matte Painter, Modeller, Rigger, Stereo Artist, Texture Artist” (