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The fashion industry has a multitude of jobs and roles that graduates can pursue, you are not limited to merely being a designer who designs clothes. The commercial fashion industry is multileveled with many career paths within corporate fashion. For example, you can become a Fashion Merchandiser, Trend Analyst, Visual Merchandiser, Planner, Quality Assurance specialist, Garment Technologist, Fashion Stylist, Sales and Marketing Strategist, Fashion Buyer, Production Manager, CAD Designer, Pattern Maker, Pattern Grader, Sample Maker, Textile Technologist, Illustrator, or Fashion Editor. If you do, however, want to be a Fashion Designer and design clothing collections, you have many options that you can specialise in. For example, you could start your own clothing brand and specialise in Menswear, Knitwear, Bridalwear, Costume Design, Lingerie Designer, Textile Designer or Shoe Designer.

Yes, you are exposed to industry through job shadowing, experiential training and industry related briefs which form part of your curriculum. You will be taken on excursions to visit suppliers and industry, to be introduced to a working environment setup, as well as machinery and equipment not housed by Inscape. You will take part in jewellery design competitions, which will give you exposure to trade and industry.

No, the course teaches you how to operate an industrial sewing machine and how to draft your own patterns. You will learn to operate an industrial sewing machine safely. In order to complete your homework or to practice your sewing skills it can be beneficial to have your own domestic machine, however it is not essential when you begin.

Most certainly, fashion design and clothing manufacturing is a global industry that is continually growing and evolving. The skills you will learn will equip you to begin your career in the fashion industry.

Yes, all large clothing companies have buying and merchandising departments, you will be able to apply become a Junior Buyer or Assistant Merchandiser. These career paths available to you if you wish to pursue buying or merchandising.