Environmental Design

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BDes Environmental Design
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SAQA 79830
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The Built Environment
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3 Year Contact Learning

Starting February 2021

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Contact Learning

  • 3 years full time
  • NQF level 7
  • 8 x 1h 45 min sessions per week
  • 2.5 hours on more additional independent study per session
  • 40 hours of Job shadowing to be completed in the 2nd year
  • Innovative assessment portfolio of evidence submitted in the 3rd year

You can enrol for our Bachelor of Design programme at any campus to complete your 1st year. Our programmes are quality assured and standardised across all Inscape campuses. Students who are accepted into certain degree specialisation programmes might be required to complete their 2nd and 3rd-year studies at another specialised Inscape campus.

Developing fundamental design skills to create design savvy, critical thinkers. 
Communication, Software and Leadership skills in preparation for intense 2nd and 3rd-year studies. 
Developing an awareness of the integrated nature of design, advancing the unique thinking of our students. 
Introducing an appreciation for Design History and context. 
Establishing fundamental building blocks for creative problem-solving. 
Exposure to various design disciplines within the Bachelor of Design to assist in selecting the ‘right’ specialisation from 2nd Year.

Discipline Specific knowledge will be developed through understanding specially designed briefs relating to Environmental Design and the implementation thereof in Architecture, Urban and Interior Design. The study of the environmental factors and functionality contributes in creative problem solving and solutions to spaces within the built environment. Students apply theory to practice through an introduction into basic technical drawing conventions, alternative and green construction techniques, site analysis and measurements, technical services, energy efficient lighting, electrical and plumbing requirements, and how to communicate through drawings and specifications.
Knowledge of the theory of sustainable materials, including their properties and the manufacturing process of the products, an introduction to national building regulations for a region, and how this relates to ‘green’ building accreditation and environmental awareness. Design challenges are adapted to cover all specialized areas of environmental design such as: residential design, corporate design, retail design, hospitality design, service design and specialty design. Advancing software skills and technical knowledge through an introduction to AutoCAD Basics, Photoshop, Rendering and REVIT Modelling. Students develop an understanding of the ‘business of design’ through the awareness of project management, plotting and lifecycle, feasibility studies, scope of work management, breakdown structures and time management, as well as an understanding of the guidelines and principles involved in running a green-design business.

Developing a signature environmental design style by expanding on research and concept development skills focusing on design solutions and execution.
Emphasis is placed on research, preparation and concept design both for competition briefs and allocated briefs within sustainable design. Students develop advanced knowledge and expert skills in the field of green and sustainable design by exercising design development, financial feasibility, manufacturing, construction methods and choice, as well as character and study of environmentally sensitive material types and building systems. Trend awareness and the incorporation of the latest design technologies and innovations through study of the ‘Green Star Rating’ system, as well as practice in software to progress more advanced rendering skills in both REVIT and 3DsMax. Developing an understanding of the guidelines and principles involved in running a design business. Promoting business vision, mission and values gives graduates the confidence and ‘know-how’ to start their own green-design initiatives based on a foundational knowledge of strategic development, marketing strategies, importance of branding and managing finances.

Students who have graduated with the Bachelor of Design degree may apply to register for an Honours or Post Graduate Diploma in a related field. Institutional minimum requirements will apply.

3 Year Contact Learning Application - Starting February 2021